Rike Flämig

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Performer & Choreographer

Rike Flämig is a Leipzig born performer and choreographer based in Berlin who creates site specific work using her body as a resistant sign. She studied Performance Art, Theology and Dance in Hildesheim, Kassel, Utrecht and Amsterdam. Rike develops documentary works where daily life specialists share their perspectives e.g. "Kickstart" (2010), "H2O" (2012). She researches with time witnesses and young people on historical frictions such as the Holocaust e.g. "Exodus Reloaded" (2012), "Eyes Open" (2014), "Healing Step (2016) and the Peaceful Revolution "Gethsemane '89" (2014).

In her solo and collaborative works she makes site specific performances on space and borders: "On Flying" (2010), "Freigang" (2011) and "Border Tours" (2014). She collaborates with choreographer Zwoisy Mears-Clarke, video artist Felipe Frozza and performer Julia Bihl. Her performative tour "Site efFacts"(2015) was presented at "B-Tours Festival", her short film "Disruptions"(2016) was screened at Filmfestivals in Italy, Mexiko, Egypt & Japan. Her dance productions "Idiosyncrasies" (2016) and "Fleischsalat" (2017) in collaboration with Zwoisy Mears-Clarke were shown at Sophiensaele Berlin. 

"In her choreographic work she combines abstract, everyday guestural moment vocabulary with other media such as video, text and sound. She examines movement vocabulary profoundly, sharpens and minimalizes it. Like this she creates rather a projection screen than a storytelling narrative."   Ulrich Huhn, Dramaturge

"Full of energy she jumps into the room as well as into the moment, shifting situations and widening space for herself and others. She is physical, theatrical, sensitive and tuned to the situation. I' m always impressed by Rikes generosity and openness to challenge - while working with the urgency of improvisation in performance." Maya M. Carroll, Choreographer    

"Rike is a singular character in the Berlin scene - offering an insight with a sense of humor which underlines a strong political understanding - within as well as beyond dance; approaching art as a community making gesture." Jassem Hindi, Performer