Short Film, 4’55, with Felipe Frozza,

Disruptions Trailer

“Disruptions” deals with the difficulties of movement in a real conflict situation. A dancer starts developing a choreography in front of the wall between Israel and Palestine, but the adverse circumstances prevent its completion.

1. Price, Category Human Rights, Festival Internacional Corporalidad Expandida, Buenos Aires, AR

Video Festival Cairo, Egypt

Dance Media Festival Tokyo, Japan

SinemaDans, Goethe Institut Ankara, TR

Loikka Dance Film Festival, Helsinki, Finland

Cinedans Dance on Screen Festival, Amsterdam, NL

Lago Film Fest, Nuovi Segni No 3, Italy

Filmfestival Münster / Kurzfilmwettbewerb, Germany

Dance Film Festival: Agite y Sirva, Mexico City, Mexico

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